How Does It Work?

Search for vehicles in stock?
With up to 400 vehicles in stock, shopping at U-Pick-It is easy! Start by searching our online stock to find the vehicle(s) you are looking for - all from the comfort of your home.
Where are the vehicles located?
  • The U-Pick-It Yard is located at Silverlake Auto Recycling, Row Ash, Botley Road, Shedfield, Hampshire, SO32 2H
  • We provide an online location map for every vehicle
  • Vehicles are organised by make, model and country of origin, so its easy to locate the vehicles when on site
How do I remove the parts from the vehicle?
  • Bring your tools along with the appropriate safety footwear and clothing
  • We provide the free use of wheelbarrows and trolleys to help transport your tools and parts, to and from your vehicle
  • Our staff are available to assist you in removing difficult parts for a pull charge
What parts are available and how much do they cost?
  • We have over 400 different part types available
  • You simply pay a flat price for the part you choose
  • The fixed menu prices is shown online
  • A small environmental charge of £2 is added to each invoice
  • Some parts consist of multiple individual elements, these will be charged individually
Is there a warranty on U-Pick-IT parts?
  • All parts have a standard 1-month warranty
  • For some parts, you can buy an additional 1-year warranty

Other Questions

Are all the parts in the photo available?
  • Our photos are an indication of what condition the car was in when it arrived at the Yard
  • Once a customer has paid for a dismantled part at the checkout, it will be listed on the website under the photos and the car information
  • This remains an indication, and no rights can be derived from this
What it not permitted on site?
  • No jacks or heavy power tools allowed
  • No Children (under 16)
  • No Smoking or vaping
  • No open Toe shoes, sandals or crocs
  • No cameras
  • No drugs
  • No Alcohol
Does it cost money to enter the yard?
Unlike our competitors, access to U-Pick-It is 100% free
How often do you add new vehicles
New vehicles are added daily
Do you sell Catalytic Converters
No, all Catalytic Converters are removed before the vehicle is added to the U-Pick-It yard
How much can I save
Save up to 80% on OEM parts.
Can I get money back for CORE
  • All exchange items are shown on the online price list
  • Core items must be returned within 90 days to secure a refund
House Rules
  • Immediately report all suspicious and unsafe situations or theft to a Silverlake employee.
  • Silverlake employees are entitled to inspect cases and tool boxes when you access or leave the site.
  • Do not enter areas that are marked as prohibited.
  • Visitors may only enter the site with a maximum of 2 persons.
  • Standing and walking ON the vehicle is NOT allowed.
  • Unnecessary damage or destruction to a vehicle is not allowed, including breaking the windows.
  • Put all vehicle parts that you do not need in or under the vehicle.
  • Put all the waste you have created during disassembly in the waste bins. Leave the location in the same state you found it.
  • Access to the site ends half an hour before closing time.
  • Behave respectfully towards other visitors and to Silverlake employees. Unsuitable behaviour will not be tolerated and could lead to the refusal of access.
  • For both your and our safety there are safety cameras installed on the site. Theft is immediately reported to the police.